The call of God on Gregory L. Vogt

The call of God on any man or woman begins before one’s earthly existence. Great men of God such as the prophet Jeremiah, King David, and the apostle Paul. The great plan of salvation was set in motion before the foundations of the earth were laid. This both excites and humbles me.I visited as a child with my buddy Eddie Brown the Culpeper Assembly Of God at the age of six. His mother worked Saturdays with my mother at Legettes department store. Rosa Brown became a kind of second mother to me. I was sitting next to her in Sunday evening church when it happened.I felt strange that night. For one thing my father had come back to church that evening twice on the same day. Another was I was still in service during the altar call. Usually we would sneak out and go across the street to Glenn’s fair price store for the penny bag of candy. However that night something more powerful than candy held me .Rosa looked over at me and asked what I was feeling. After I tried to explain it as well as a nine year old can she told me that God was speaking to me. I went to the altar and accepted Jesus . At the age of eleven at home during family prayer time I received a personal call by the Holy Spirit to ministry.During that time the verse concerning John the baptist speaking about him being the voice in the wilderness was emphasized in my heart. I yielded my voice to God that night to proclaim the gospel.At the age of thirteen our church held a youth revival. During that week five of us were called to the ministry or had our ministry call confirmed. The dent in the solid oak pulpit is still there after a strong emphasis from the Evangelist that was to call out the called. He did and we responded … Yes Lord.After that opportunities to serve and study God’s word became a regular part of my lifestyle. After my family moved to Orange , Virginia the pastor Kenneth Tinch began to help guide and broaden my research in God’s word. I attended Northpoint Bible College where I met the love of my life, Denise. We are blessed with two sons and their wonderful wives along with seven grandchildren.God has kept His hand on my life through forty two years of marriage, forty two years of ministry, building programs, missions trips and a season of Chaplaincy that I have recently retired from.I thank God for His team of leadership in my life always challenging me forward. Now, the BGAV leadership team and Interim Pastor ministry of Bybees Road Baptist Church have become part of this ongoing and unfolding call of God on my life. We all are partakers in life long learning and calling. If I could summarize my calling and walk with God it would be , My credential and certification is Assemblies of God but my heart is for the Greater Kingdom if God. Our future is as bright as the promises of GodSharing Hope,Gregory L. Vogt