Revised April 18, 2018



Being led by the Holy Spirit we declare and establish this Constitution to preserve and secure the principles of our faith and to govern the body in an orderly manner. This Constitution will preserve the liberties of each individual church member and the freedom of action of this body in its relation to other churches.


This body shall be known as the Bybee’s Road Baptist Church located in Fluvanna County, Troy, VA.


We seek to help individuals connect with Jesus Christ and with one another by being a growing, outwardly focused, transforming presence in our world.


Our mission is to glorify God by being a loving Christian community that reaches out to all people through worship, spiritual growth, proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ, and ministry to needs in our world.


The Holy Bible, the inspired Word of God, is the basis for this church’s statement of faith. This church subscribes to the doctrinal statement of the Baptist Faith and Message as adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention in 1963 (Website We believe in and support the Doctrine of the Priesthood of the Believer.


Bybee’s Road Baptist Church is a Christian faith community whose foundation is Jesus Christ. We believe God has called our church to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ in our community and around the world. Desiring to be responsive to the different ways God brings people together for redemptive purposes, we have identified commonly held values that define our distinctiveness and unify our collective efforts.

WORSHIP – The worship of God is foundational for Christians and for our faith community.

PROCLAMATION – Our church is accountable to God to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ with a sense of urgency in our community and around the world.

SPIRITUAL GROWTH – Christians are to grow and mature spiritually through Bible study, discipling ministries, and practicing the disciplines of the Christian faith.

MINISTRY — Using our God- given gifts to serve others, our church is to be a visible presence of Christ in the world.

RELATIONSHIPS – Loving relationships must permeate our church inspiring us to value times of Christian fellowship, to care for one another, and to become a unified faith community.

STEWARDSHIP – Each member is responsible before God to invest time, talents, and financial resources to build up the body of Christ and to empower our church’s witness in the community and around the world.

EXCELLENCE – In our desire to honor God and inspire and attract people, we will pursue excellence in all our endeavors.

FLEXIBILITY – God’s call is dynamic and our church is to remain flexible and responsive to the leadership of the Holy Spirit.


A covenant is a promise or undertaking between at least two persons—each person agreeing to fulfill certain obligations. Our church adopts a covenant in which each member commits himself/herself to fulfill certain obligations to God and to each other for the advancement of our church and to assist each other to become more Christ-like.

Having been led, as we believe by the Spirit of God, to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior, and on the profession of our faith, having been baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, we do now in the presence of God, and this assembly, most solemnly and joyfully enter into covenant with one another, as one body in Christ.

We engage, therefore, by the aid of the Holy Spirit, to present our bodies as living sacrifices, holy, acceptable unto God.

We will not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of our minds, that we might prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

We will be kindly affectionate one to another with brotherly love. We will continue regularly in prayer.

We will bless those who persecute us, we will rejoice with those that rejoice, and weep with those who weep.

We will provide things honest in the sight of all men.

We will be careful not to let our actions make those who are weak in the faith fall into sin.

We will overcome evil with good.

We will always give God the honor and glory for all of our blessings.

We strive to come together to that oneness in our faith and in our knowledge of the Son of God; to become mature people reaching to the very height of Christ’s full stature.


This church is a free and autonomous body of believers. It is subject to no other outside governing body. It recognizes and sustains the obligation of mutual counsel and cooperation which are common among Baptist churches. We cooperate with and support the Central Virginia Baptist Association, the Baptist General Association of Virginia, The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, the Southern Baptist Convention and the Baptist World Alliance. We support and help with various volunteer activities of local churches and organizations in so far as practical.



Section 1- Qualifications for Membership

An individual will be considered a member of Bybee’s Road Baptist Church by the following criteria:

  1. By a public profession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, followed by baptism by immersion; or
  2. By receipt of a letter of recommendation from another Christian church; or
  3. By statement of faith by the candidate that he/she has previously received Christ, and a believer’s baptism, and
  4. By completion of the New Members (Inquirer’s) Class, and
  5. By acceptance upon vote of the church, and
  6. By being in sympathy with and subscribing to the faith and practices of this church as set forth in the Church Constitution and Church Covenant.

The requirement of presenting themselves publicly and completion of the New Members Class may be waived for a candidate asking for membership in case of infirmity, or service in the military, provided such application is made in writing.

Section 2- Duties

Members are expected, first of all, to be faithful in all duties essential to the Christian life, to strive for the advancement of the Kingdom of God and this church by habitual attendance, by prayerful support, by contributing cheerfully and regularly for its support and its causes, by sharing in its organized work, and by walking with fellow members in love.

Section 3- Rights

Only members listed on the ACTIVE membership roll may vote in the transactions of the church.

Section 4- Termination of Membership

Any person may have his or her membership terminated by:

  • Request for transfer of letter to another church of like faith and order
  • Request, in writing, to be released from his/her duties and covenant obligations to this church for reasons which the church may finally deem satisfactory, after it shall have patiently and kindly endeavored to secure his/her continuance in its fellowship. After such effort, such request may be granted and the membership terminated.
  • Vote of the church should a member become an offense to the church and to its good name by reasons of immoral or unchristian conduct. Termination of membership for these reasons occurs only after faithful efforts have been made to resolve the problem by the Personnel Committee according to the guidelines set forth in the Church Personnel Manual in effect at the time.

Section 5- Restoration of Membership

Any person whose membership has been terminated shall make written application for restoration of membership, and will be reinstated upon receiving an affirmative vote of the church body.

Section 6. Membership Status

Members of the church shall be designated as active, inactive, or misplaced members. These lists shall be updated annually, in January, with the status decision being made after review by the Deacon Body, the pastor and the clerk. Exceptions to the annual update are baptisms, the death of a member or the request for transfer of membership. The lists will be updated to reflect these changes as they occur.

  1. Active Members – An active member is one who supports the work of the church through prayer, service, finances and regular attendance. Members will be considered active until they no longer meet this criteria, with the exception of those who are homebound, away attending an institute of higher education, on a missionary assignment or actively serving in the military. An active member shall have the full privilege of voting in all church business meetings.
  2. Inactive Members
    1. An inactive member is one who does not meet the afore-stated criteria of active membership and shall be placed on an “Inactive Membership Roll”. A member shall be considered inactive when their regular attendance, participation and support have been neglected for a period of one (1) year.
    2. After inactive status has been determined by the above-stated group, a letter will be sent to the member at their last known address informing them of the action and will include an invitation to meet to discuss the reasons for their inactivity and to encourage them to return to active fellowship.
    3. Inactive members shall be counted on official reports of membership, but shall not be entitled to vote in any business meeting of the church.
    4. An inactive member may be restored to active status by the above-stated group whenever he/she gives evidence of renewed Christian spirit by meeting the criteria for active membership.

3) Misplaced Members – Misplaced members are those who are unknown and cannot be located by current active addresses. This category will not be counted in the church’s number of total members. However, the church will grant these members letters of transfer to other churches, if requested. When located, they will be restored to one of the regular rolls.



The pastor is to be chosen and called by the church whenever a vacancy occurs. The election shall take place at a meeting called for that purpose of which at least one week’s public notice shall be given.

A Pulpit Search Committee consisting of 6 to 8 members elected by the church shall make recommendations, each of which shall constitute a nomination. This committee shall bring for consideration of the church only one person at a time. This shall not be construed as preventing any member from making other nominations. Election shall be by ballot, an affirmation vote of three-fourths of those present being necessary to a choice. The pastor, thus elected, shall serve until the relationship is terminated. A pastor who feels the call to another area of service is required to give a 30-day notice, in writing, to the church. If the church, after due consideration and prayer, decides a pastor is unable to fulfill the pastoral duties then a severance pay package will be considered at that time. The pastor will not be expected to fill the pulpit or perform pastoral ministries during that period. The pastor shall have primary responsibility for the church and shall abide by the “Covenant Between Bybee’s Road Baptist Church And Its Pastor.” The pastor shall preside at all meetings of the church, except as hereinafter provided. The pastor shall be an ex-officio member of all committees of the church, except for the Personnel Committee.


Paid staff, if needed, shall be elected by the church upon nomination of a duly appointed committee, or as the church may otherwise direct; duties and compensation shall be specified by the committee named for this purpose under the general direction of the pastor, and subject to the approval of the church.



  1. The church shall maintain a Deacon Fellowship with a minimum of seven deacons and a maximum of twelve. It shall be pertinent for the church to promote to Deacon Emeritus any deacon who by reason of age or infirmities shall, after honorable service, be no longer able to render active service. A Deacon Emeritus has the privilege of giving counsel but may not vote on matters brought before the deacons for consideration.
  1. The Nominating Committee shall present candidates for the Deacon Fellowship. Deacons shall be elected for terms of four years. When a deacon’s term of office has expired, the office shall be declared vacant until a successor is duly elected. Deacons who have served a four year term shall be ineligible for re-election for a period of one year. In case of a resignation, death, removal, or incapacity to serve, the church may elect to fill the unexpired term. Only those deacons that have been elected as herein provided may serve as deacons of this church.

Section 2. DUTIES:

In accordance with the meaning of the Word and the practice of the New Testament, deacons are to be the servants of the church.

  1. They are to be zealous in guarding the unity of the Spirit within the church in the bonds of peace.
  1. They shall commit themselves to their own personal growth in discipleship. Out of that, they shall advise or act as an advisory council to the pastor and congregation in all matters pertaining to the welfare and work of the Church. With the pastor, they are to consider and formulate plans to fulfill the mission of the church according to the Mission Statement found in the constitution of this church.
  1. By proper organization and method among themselves they are to establish and maintain personal fraternal relations with all members of the church.
  1. The Deacon Fellowship shall review and approve/disapprove of all publishers/resources for curricula and other teaching material used in a church-sponsored class, seminar, or event. They shall notify the Constitution/History Committee of any changes to Publishers/Resources list. (See Curriculum Review Policy in Appendix C)

5. By March 1st. of each year, the Deacon Body shall turn over to the Nominating Committee a list

of eligible candidates to serve as Deacons who have agreed to serve if chosen, to fill vacancies

on the Deacon Fellowship for the upcoming church year.

6. The Deacon Fellowship shall review and approve/disapprove of all publishers/resources for

curricula and other teaching material used in a church-sponsored class, seminar, or event. They

shall notify the Constitution/History Committee of any changes to Publishers/Resources list.

See Curriculum Review Policy in Appendix C)

7. The Deacon Fellowship shall serve on the Stewardship Committee. (See Article IV, Section 1)

8 The chairperson of the Deacon Fellowship will serve on the Worship Committee.

(See Worship Committee in Appendix A)

9 The Deacon Fellowship shall select one deacon to serve on the Personnel Committee.

(see Personnel Committee in Appendix A)


  1. The Deacon Fellowship shall regularly meet on the first Tuesday evening of each month. They shall elect their own chair, and other officers as needed. They may organize themselves into such teams/committees as their wisdom may direct for efficiency in service.
  1. The Deacon Fellowship shall apportion themselves according to their spiritual gifts to serve with and provide spiritual direction for ministry teams and committees whereby the entire membership may have the benefit of their ministry.
  1. Each deacon shall freely confer privately with the pastor about all matters and cases of discipline.


The moderator shall be the pastor. In the absence of the pastor, the chairperson of the Deacon Fellowship shall preside; or in the absence of both, the clerk shall call the church to order and a moderator pro-tem shall be elected.


The clerk shall be elected annually. He/she shall keep in a suitable book a record of all the actions of the church, except as otherwise herein provided. He/she shall keep a register of the names of members, with dates of admission and dismissal or death, together with a record of baptism. For those not in attendance at the business meeting, he/she shall also notify all persons of their election or appointment. He/she shall issue letters of dismissal voted by the church, preserve on file all communications and written official reports, and give legal notice of all meetings where such notice is necessary, as indicated in these by-laws. The clerk shall also serve on the Cemetery Committee (See Cemetery Committee in Appendix A.)


The church shall elect annually a church treasurer. The church shall maintain legal bonding for the treasurer. It shall be the duty of the treasurer to receive, preserve and pay out all monies, or items of value given to the church. The treasurer shall maintain at all times an itemized account of all receipts and disbursements. Payment of bills for local work and expenses shall be made promptly by check, and all funds received for denominational or other causes shall be remitted at least monthly by check. He/she shall otherwise support the church’s plan of finance as stipulated in Article IV. A report of the financial condition of the church shall be made at each quarterly business meeting and to the Stewardship Committee at each of its meetings. An itemized annual report shall be made at the end of each church year. All reports made to the church by the treasurer shall be entered upon the church records by the clerk. All books, records and accounts kept by the treasurer shall be considered the property of the church. The books shall be open to inspection at all times by any member of the church. All checks written by the church shall be co-signed by the treasurer and/or individual(s) designated by the Stewardship Committee. The church shall also elect annually an assistant church treasurer whose duties shall be to assist the treasurer in the performance of his/her duties and to fill the remainder of the treasurer’s annual term should he/she become unable to serve. In the case that the assistant should take on the full duties of the treasurer, the church shall maintain legal bonding. The treasurer and assistant treasurer shall serve as voting members of the Stewardship Committee.


There shall be three trustees elected by the church for an indefinite period of service. They shall hold in trust the property of the church, but shall have no power to buy, sell, mortgage, lease or transfer any property without a specific vote of the church authorizing such action.


All organizations and committees of the church shall be under church control. All officers shall be elected by the church and shall report regularly to the church. It is understood that the pastor is an ex-officio member of all organizations of the church, with the exception of the Personnel Committee. The pastor’s leadership is to be recognized in all of them.


The purpose of the Church Council is to help the church: (1) determine the focus and scope of its ministry and mission; (2) use resources wisely; (3) identify priorities; (4) coordinate the church calendar of activities; and (5) enrich fellowship.

The major functions of the Church Council relate to planning, coordinating, and evaluating the total work of the church. This body is assigned the following duties:

(1) Formulate and recommend to the church suggested church objectives and goals.

(2) Develop and recommend to the church action plans for reaching church goals.

(3) Prepare the annual church calendar of activities.

(4) Review and coordinate suggested program plans and actions by the church staff, church officers, organizations, committees; and provide for adequate communication among staff, officers, and organizations and committees.

(5) Review and report as appropriate to the church the use of resources in terms of the needs of church programs as they work toward the achievement of the objectives and goals of the church.

(6) Evaluate program achievements in terms of church objectives and goals, and report evaluations to the church.

MEMBERSHIP: The membership of the Church Council includes: Clergy Leadership, Directors of church organizations, the chairperson of the Deacon Fellowship and the chairperson of each committee. The pastor shall serve as chairperson.

MEETINGS: A monthly meeting may be necessary. However, the Church Council is expected to meet once in every business quarter of the church calendar.



All officers and committees shall be nominated by the Nominating Committee and elected by the church annually unless restricted by these by-laws.


Duties of committees shall be found in Appendix A.


(1) Pastor Search Committee (as stipulated in Article II Paragraph 1). A Pastor Search Committee is formed by having the members of the congregation provide 7 names of individuals who they would like to have serve on the committee. From those names, 5 individuals (beginning with the person with the highest number of votes) will be asked to make up the committee. If one spouse agrees to serve on the committee, the other spouse will not be eligible to serve even though they may have received enough votes to do so. No church employee may serve on the Committee; however spouses of employees are eligible to serve.

(2) Other special committees may be elected as necessary by the church, or assembled by the pastor in consultation with the Deacon Fellowship, with such duties as may be designated.


The Nominating Committee shall consist of five (5) persons chosen by the current Nominating

Committee and presented to the church for approval at the October Business Meeting. Their term shall run from January 1st-December 31st of the ensuing year.

(1) This committee is responsible for selecting, interviewing and presenting to the church for election, nominations for all church –positions requiring volunteers unless otherwise provided for in these by-laws. After the committee’s report, any church member may offer nominations from the floor, provided that the persons being nominated have previously given their consent to the nominations.

(2) At the April business meeting the Nominating Committee shall bring to the church nominations for all Directors, with the exception of the Vacation Bible School Director, for the upcoming year. Upon the election of these organizational directors by the church, they are expected to assist the Nominating Committee in obtaining necessary workers for their organizations. The nomination for Vacation Bible School Director shall be presented to the church at the October Business meeting.

(3) The Nominating Committee shall bring to the church nominations for general officers, workers and committee members at the July quarterly business meeting, or by a called business meeting if necessary.

(4) The Nominating Committee is responsible for providing all committee members a current copy of said committee duties.

(5) The Nominating Committee is responsible for nominating replacements for vacated or new positions as needed.



The Stewardship Committee of the church shall consist of the Deacon Fellowship, the Treasurer, the assistant treasurer, the director from each of the organizations of the church, and three elected members, who are not active deacons, from the congregation. The three elected members shall serve for a term of three years. Elected members who have served three years shall not be eligible for re-election for a period of one year. The initial three members shall be elected to one, two and three year terms.


(1) This committee shall supervise the raising of all money in the church and have supervision over the expenditure of the same, which includes the preparation of the annual budget.

(2) Payments of all expenditures such as supplies, materials and services shall be made by the church treasurer when so authorized by the church, or by the Stewardship Committee which has received such authorization from the church.

(3) Said Stewardship Committee shall provide for an annual audit of all books and accounts to the church.

(4) The Stewardship Committee has the responsibility for administration of all business transactions and record keeping concerning the cemetery.

(5) The Stewardship Committee shall maintain a record of each member’s contributions given throughout the year, both Unified Budget and special gifts. The Committee shall provide a copy of this record to each member for tax purposes at the end of the year. These are to be mailed no later than January 31st of each year. The committee shall notify family members when gifts are received in memory of a deceased member of their family. The committee shall be responsible for ordering financial record keeping supplies. The committee shall be responsible for the distribution of the contribution envelopes to each member of the church for the new year. The committee shall provide envelopes to all new members.

(6) The Stewardship Committee shall communicate to contributors and potential contributors the identified needs of the church, and study proposed gifts to ensure they are not entangled with burdensome demands.

(7) The committee shall make recommendations to the church about the wise application of memorial gifts.

(8) The committee shall educate the membership concerning the need to establish wills.

(9) A member of the Stewardship Committee shall serve on the Personnel Committee (see Duties Personnel Committee in Appendix A).


(1) All money collected by any organization of the church shall be duly recorded by said organization and forwarded to the church treasurer.

(2) Receipts from all sources shall be properly recorded in separate bookkeeping entries, deposited either in a local expense account (Unified Budget) or a Cemetery Account. From these accounts shall be paid all expenses (according to Article IV, Section 2, Paragraph 2). Individuals may designate the manner in which their gifts shall be disbursed.

(3) All receipts and expenditures for any and all purposes shall be forwarded to the treasurer and shall be recorded properly on the books of the church.

(4) Special offerings may be sought by the church or by any of its organizations only upon the approval of the church after recommendation of the Stewardship Committee. Individuals may make special offerings at any time as the Spirit of God may move them.

(5) All payment to the church for which individual credit is expected must be made by personal check or by use of envelopes provided for that purpose.


Section 1. FOR WORSHIP:

  1. Public services shall be held on every Sunday that conditions permit.
  1. The Lord’s Supper shall be celebrated on the first Sunday in each quarter and/or at such other times as the church may determine.
  1. Occasional religious meetings may be scheduled by the pastor at his discretion.

Section 2. FOR BUSINESS:

(1) At any of the regular meetings for worship the church may without special notice act upon the acceptance of members, or upon the dismissal of members to other churches, and upon the appointment of messengers (i.e. denominational and associational meetings), but not upon other business.

(2) The pastor may, and shall, when requested by the Deacon Fellowship, Trustees, or any standing committee, call from the pulpit special business meetings, the particular purpose(s) of the meeting being clearly stated in the notice, at least one week prior to the meeting.

(3) Business meetings shall be held at 7:00 PM on the third Wednesday of each quarter of the calendar year. The first business meeting of each year shall be considered to be the Annual Meeting and shall be the meeting at which all committees and other church organizations present their annual reports.

(4) Election of officers shall be conducted according to Article II, Number 9 and Article III, Section 4.

(5) At all meetings 10% of the resident membership shall be necessary to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business except in the case of the call or dismissal of a pastor when 20% of total resident membership must be present. See Article II. Church Officers and Paid Helpers No. 1 Pastor.


Section 1. Should any serious differences arise between members, the aggrieved members shall follow, in a tender spirit, the rules given by our Lord in the eighteenth Chapter of Matthew.

Section 2. If the church votes to consider a complaint, which must be made in writing, it shall appoint a reasonable time and place of hearing and notify the person in question thereof, furnishing him/her with a copy of the complaint.

Section 3. At such hearing, the accused member may call to his/her aid any member of the church as counsel. If he/she does not present himself/herself at the time appointed, or give satisfactory reasons for his/her neglect to do so, the church may proceed in his/her absence.

Section 4. All such proceedings shall be pervaded by a spirit of Christian kindness and forbearance, but should an adverse decision be reached, the church may proceed to admonish or declare the offender to be no longer in the membership of the church.

Section 5. In case of grave difficulty the church will be ready, if requested, to ask the advice of a mutual council.


At any regular business meeting of the church, assuming the presence of a quorum (see Article V, Section 2, Paragraph 5), the Church Constitution and By-Laws may be amended, altered or repealed by a two-thirds affirmative vote of the members in attendance and entitled to vote. However, written notice of intent to change the Constitution and/or By-Laws shall be given to the church by listing the date, time, place and purpose of the meeting in the Sunday worship service bulletin for two Sundays prior to the date of the business meeting to present recommended changes to the document(s).

Copies of the Constitution and By-Laws showing recommended changes shall be made available to any member requesting a copy


We have endeavored to remain true to the original articles of faith in this document therefore we include the unedited “1832 Covenant” as a matter of reference and historical value.



The Church of Christ at Bybee’s Road in Fluvanna County, being baptized on the profession of our faith hold the following creed and bind ourselves to the Lord and each other through the aid of divine grace to try to conform to the following duties so far as we find them enjoined on us from God’s Word.

Art. 1st. We believe in one God the maker of all things visible and invisible.

Art. 2nd. We believe in one Lord Jesus Christ the only begotten of the Father who is coequal with the Father, that He became incarnate in order to expiate and make atonement for sin.

Art. 3rd. We believe in the Holy Ghost who is coequal with the Father and the Son neither made nor begotten but preceding.

Art. 4th. We believe in the election of Grace and in the Free Justification of the soul by the imputed righteousness of Christ and of the final perseverance of the Saints in grace.

Art. 5th. We believe in progressive work of sanctification by the power of the Holy Ghost, and of the resurrection of the dead, and a final judgment both of the righteous and the wicked.

Art. 6th. We believe in water baptism by immersion and that believers are the only subjects of the said water baptism.

Art. 7th. We believe that discipline belongs to God’s House and that it was instituted by Christ for the health and benefit of His Church.

Art. 8th. We believe that it is the duty of all church members to fill their seats in God’s House, to lend their aid to the congregation on the discipline of God’s House to glorify God in His Church.

Art. 9th. We believe that it is the duty of all church members to adorn the doctrine of Christ by a godly walk and in chaste conversation and that practical religion, such as prayers, public and private, watching, fasting, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, supporting the gospel and attending all the ordinances of Christ. To bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ.

Art. 10th. We believe it is the duty of all church members to abstain as much as possible from evil company such as may lead them in the way of lamentation. To shun all appearance of evil and to try to keep themselves unspotted from the world.

Art. 11th. We believe it is the duty of all church members to adorn themselves in modest apparel, to avoid suspicion of naughtiness and to live soberly, righteously and godly in this present world.





1. Shall meet with the pastor for their first meeting (at least) and discuss their duties.

2. Shall select a chairperson. The chairperson’s responsibilities include initiating, scheduling and presiding over meetings. The chairperson is automatically a member of the Church Council (see Article II, Section 3, Paragraph 10).

3. Shall hold regular meetings and check to see that its duties are being performed satisfactorily.

4. Shall decide on a budget request for the church year, January 1st through December 31st, and the chairperson will be responsible to turn this request into the Stewardship Committee by September 1st of each year.

5. After the organizational meeting at the beginning of each church year, the name, address and telephone number of the chairperson shall be submitted to the Constitution/History Committee so that an updated list of committees/chairpersons can be kept.



1. See that the baptismal pool is clean and adequately filled (at least 36”) and heated (approximately 100 degrees) before time for baptismal services.

2. Turn off the heater before entering pool.

3. Drain the pool after use.

4. Assist candidates with any necessary dressing or undressing before and after service.

5. See that all wet towels and clothing are taken from the dressing areas after baptism. Make sure baptismal robes are clean and ready at all times.

6. See that any water is wiped up from the floors.


The Cemetery Committee shall oversee the administration and maintenance of the church cemetery.

The committee shall consist of the caretaker, the church clerk and two members-at-large. The caretaker shall be elected by the church for an indefinite period of service. His/her term shall end upon death, inability to carry out the duties, or resignation. The two members-at-large shall be selected by the Nominating Committee and shall serve for 3 years terms. They will be eligible to succeed themselves and may serve indefinitely.

The duties are as follows:

(1) To administer the provisions of the Cemetery Policy as found in Appendix C of this document.

(2) To keep all cemetery records up-to-date.

(3) To recommend to the church updates to the Cemetery policy as needed.

(4) To place U.S. flags on the graves of all veterans of military service before Memorial Day week-end and remove them promptly after Memorial Day.

(5) To prepare a list of the previous year’s (from Memorial Day to Memorial Day) deceased church members to be read in the worship service on the Sunday of Memorial Day week-end.

(6) To give to each purchaser at the time of the purchase a written receipt showing the date, the amount received, and the section, grid, row and grave number of each grave purchased.

(7) To oversee the care of the cemetery lawn, including the removal of withered flowers, etc. The Cemetery Committee and the Properties Committee shall work together to secure lawn maintenance service for both the church and cemetery lawns.

(8) To check headstones on a yearly basis for unusual deterioration or damage, and to encourage correction of the problem by attempting to notify the grave owner/family of the problem.


1. By September 15th, the chairperson of this committee is responsible for coordinating all activities during the Christmas celebration with the Church Council and the chairpersons of the following committees: Flower/Decorating, Music and Fellowship/Social.

2. Select and order appropriate materials to use in Christmas celebration (i.e. props, plays, etc.) and delegate responsibility to appropriate persons.

3. Take care of all necessary preparations, rehearsals, clean up, and have programs typed to hand out to the congregation.

4. Be responsible for preserving reusable materials by proper packaging, labeling, and storing.


The Communion Committee shall consist of at least three members who shall be chosen by the Nominating Committee. They shall serve a one year term and may succeed themselves.

The Communion Committee shall be responsible for, or may select someone to be responsible for the purchase, preparation and clean-up of the elements required to observe the Lord’s Supper at all times and occasions that the church observes communion. If someone is selected by this committee to be responsible for a communion time, the committee shall be responsible for reminding that person to be

certain that the Lord’s Supper is observed when it is scheduled.

This committee shall work closely with the Worship Committee to assure that the Lord’s Supper is prepared according to the dictates of the worship service of which it will be part.


This committee shall consist of the church clerk and three other members who will serve for three-year terms.

The duties of the Constitution/History Committee:

1. Maintain records of church events by submitting a quarterly report at church business meetings. Whenever possible, pictorial accounts should be maintained.

2. Provide for and maintain displays of significant historical relics with appropriate identification tags.

3. Store with the Virginia Baptist Historical Society significant record books (i.e. copies of church roll, baptismal dates, etc.)

4. Keep an updated computer disk of the Constitution & By-Laws so that a current copy can be provided whenever needed. (The first year, this committee will begin by recording on computer disk the revised Constitution & By-Laws passed on August 1993 and all additions made since that time. After that, all additions will be added to the disk at the time they are passed by the congregation.) With each revision, a notation shall be made on the appropriate Constitution & By-Laws section as to the page number of the revision.

5. Review duties of all committees in October of each year, and at any other times when questions arise concerning duties, and make recommendations for changes when necessary. Provide each member of that committee a copy of the new list of duties when changes occur.

6. Review Constitution & By-Laws annually and make recommendations for changes when necessary.

7. Be well informed on the Constitution & By-Laws so that they can ensure that matters are taken care of in compliance with it at all business sessions.


1. Plan and organize all church-wide meals. Coordinate with Christmas Program Committee when planning Christmas events.

2. See that kitchen is equipped with adequate plates, cups, utensils, cooking ware, tablecloths and napkins.

3. Remove old items from refrigerator and throw away.

4. Defrost refrigerator and clean oven periodically.

5. Set up tables.

6. Clean up facilities after meals.

7. Inform any group who uses the kitchen and fellowship hall of proper preparation and clean up.

8. Provide ice for all church-wide meals.

9. The chairperson, during the week preceding any social event for which this committee shall be responsible, shall notify all committee members by phone or personal contact of the time and needs of that event.

10. Any member of this committee who volunteers the service of the committee for any event shall be responsible for immediately reporting the date, time and services needed for the event to the chairperson so that proper arrangements can be made.

11. The chairperson of this committee shall also serve on the Worship Committee.


1. Maintain basic decorations throughout the year.

2. Use fresh flowers whenever possible.

3. Rotate artificial flower arrangements so that there is a different arrangement each Sunday or at least every other Sunday.

4. Be responsible for seasonal decorations, such as Easter (Easter lilies) and Christmas (Christmas tree in fellowship hall for Christmas dinner, Baptistry, candles in windows, etc.). Christmas decorations should be in place by the first Sunday of December.

5. Maintain fresh look of flowers for such occasions as revivals when flowers are left from night to night.

6. Throw out old flowers, arrangements and remove seasonal decorations.


1. Promote use of the library. (Use special announcements in bulletin and book displays.)

2. Catalog books and master tapes.

3. Maintain an orderly and attractive environment in the book storage area.

4. Maintain accurate record of books on loan and send reminders regarding overdue books.

5. Maintain regular library hours.

6. Take advantage of associational and state training sessions.

7. Purchase new books and audio/video tapes.


1. Maintain and operate audio-visual equipment including the sanctuary public address system.

2. Record all worship services and special events.

3. Purchase and duplicate tapes for distribution.

4. Pass master tapes on to librarian for cataloging after duplication and pass duplicated tapes onto persons who are responsible for distribution.

5. Maintain schedule of operators for coverage of all services and post copy next to recording equipment.

6. Ensure that an operator is on duty for every event.

7. Chairperson shall serve on the Worship Committee.


1. Assist music director in the purchase of music.

2. Keep musical instruments tuned and in proper working order by providing for an annual professional evaluation.

3. Organize Christmas caroling. Coordinate with Christmas/Drama Committee when planning Christmas caroling to avoid a conflict of time/date.

4. See that robes are cleaned, repaired or replaced if needed.

5. Actively recruit choir members and maintain graded choirs.

6. Survey church for persons who can play instruments and lead special choir groups (i.e. children, youth, men, etc.).

7. The chairperson of this committee shall also serve on the Worship Committee.



Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, assist the church in matters relating to personnel administration and management.


The Personnel Committee shall consist of a member of the Deacon Fellowship, a member of the Stewardship Committee and three (3) elected members from the congregation. The three (3) elected members shall serve for a period of three years. The initial three members shall be elected to one, two and three year terms. Elected members shall not be eligible for re-election for a period of one (1) year after having served a full term. No paid employee or his/her spouse is eligible to serve.


1. Continually survey the need for paid church staff positions and report such needs to the church.

2. Prepare and maintain a handbook of church staff job descriptions for all paid employees, including the position of pastor.

3. Recruit, interview and hire paid church employees (excluding the position of pastor).

4. Monitor the application of personnel policies and procedures and deal with personnel problems, including corrective action and/or dismissal.

5. Conduct annual performance evaluations of the pastor and all paid employees by October 1st of each year.

6. Recommend salaries and benefits, where applicable, for all employees of the church. This material shall be submitted to the Stewardship Committee for budget preparation before being presented to the church.

7. Present reports concerning personnel matters at regular business meetings and at other times, if necessary.

PROPERTIES (Buildings and Grounds) COMMITTEE

1. Oversee the care of the church lawn. The Properties Committee and the Cemetery Committee shall work together to secure lawn maintenance service for both the church and the cemetery lawns.

2. Keep picnic shelter tables painted and in good repair.

3. Keep a visual spot check on church maintenance once a week.

4. Be responsible for major parsonage maintenance and also maintenance of other church properties and equipment.

5. The chairperson shall serve on the Memorial Committee. (See Article III, Section 5, Paragraph 8).


1. Send announcements concerning special events to the Religious Herald, the associational paper and local papers. Use pictorial accounts wherever possible for announcements and flyers.

2. Maintain church lawn sign and road signs.

3. Utilize bulletin boards to promote special events. Utilize morning worship services for promotion.

4. When appropriate, prepare and mail flyers of special events to area residents.

5. Develop a strategy for welcoming newcomers to the community utilizing church brochure and other community information.



1. Be at the church entrance approximately 15 minutes prior to worship services to distribute bulletins and to greet members/visitors arriving for Worship Service.

2. Escort members and guests to their seats on occasions when seating is scarce.

3. Be willing to take up the collection during Worship Service and, if called upon, to present a brief offertory prayer.


PURPOSE: The Worship Committee is responsible for planning and coordinating the worship ministry of our church. The committee will work closely with the Pastoral Staff to develop services that support and enhance the church worship experience.


The Worship Committee will:

1. Be responsible for establishing worship themes for special days (Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Graduation, Homecoming/Revival, etc.), planning the use of Worship elements such as drama, music, readings, plaques, certificates, media, etc., to enhance special worship themes.

2. Encourage the formation of ensemble groups, choirs, and instrumental groups.

3. Encourage the use, within worship, of the artistic gifts of individual members of the community.

4. Meet as necessary to plan worship one year in advance and then, as needed, to evaluate past worship experience and to ensure that worship plans are enabled each week. Worship plans are posted, updated, and shared through all available communications media.

5. Exhibit openness to new ideas and be willing to listen to feedback, and be a sounding board to our fellowship for the enhancement of our worship experiences.

MEMBERSHIP: The committee shall consist of the Pastor, Chairperson of Deacon Fellowship, Media Chairperson, Music Leaders (Contemporary, Traditional, Youth, Children & Ensemble), Youth Director, Mission Education Leader, Chairperson of the Music Committee, Chairperson of the Fellowship Committee, in addition to one member from each worship service being held who will be selected by the Nominating Committee for a term of 2 years and who will be eligible to succeed themselves.





Purpose: To cast the vision of the student ministry at Bybee’s Road Baptist Church by meeting monthly for prayer and planning of youth events and activities.

Who: The council should consist of the following:

  • Pastor
  • Director of Student and Family Ministries
  • Director of Children’s Ministry
  • Sunday School teachers from K-12
  • Two students who have completed 7th. Grade (preferably male and female) chosen by DSFM
  • Two ad hoc members (chosen by the Nominating Committee for 2 year terms). Ad Hoc members only serve a specific purpose. They will help mentor and cast a vision/mission for our youth. They should have an interest in youth development and preferably have experience as youth directors/leaders.

There should never be less than 2 students. When student attendance reaches 30 we will add another student (1 student on council for every 10 students in attendance).


1. Prayer and short devotional.

2. Planning and review of plans for the next one to five years. Big picture and vision casting.  What do we want our youth group to be in the next 1-5 years, not just do? Large events (overseas mission trips, large out-reach events).

3. Review and plan events for the next year (retreats, day trips, fundraisers, camp, mission trips.

4. Determine logistics of events and activities in the coming month. What needs to be done to prepare, who will do it.

5. Plan and structure weekly events including curriculum for Sunday School, Wednesday night, Sunday night. Plan what we want to teach and learn and pick curriculum.

6. Review tasks assigned to members at conclusion of meeting.

7. Prayer

Positions needed:

Chair – Director of Student & Family Ministries – Moderates the meeting. The chair will also be a member of the Church Council.

Secretary – Takes minutes. STUDENT

Chaplain – Lead devotional or find a member to lead. STUDENT


Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Director of Children’s Ministry shall promote the Christian growth and development in Christian study and activities of children age 3 through fifth grade.


1) Help children grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

2) Help children see how their faith is lived out in their daily lives.

3) Encourage and equip children in their spiritual growth.

4) Provide opportunities for Bible teaching and reading , prayer, fun and service to others.  Director shall have access to the Sunday School classes and may teach classes as assigned or needed

5) Meet at least once a month for an activity and/or mission involvement.


The Director shall:

1) Have a close personal relationship with Jesus Christ and work toward stronger spiritual development.

2) Be a member of this church in good standing.

3) Pass the State Police Criminal Background check.

4) Possess a love for children and a strong desire to teach and mentor them.

5) Respect people’s privacy and be able to keep confidences while respecting legal reporting requirements.

6) Possess the qualities that make for strong Christian character (i.e. love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control).


1) Help coordinate children’s activities and learning opportunities by working in cooperation with Sunday School, VBS, Youth and Family Ministries and Mission Education Directors.

2) Ensure that age-appropriate study materials are provided.

3) Develop a trusting working relationship with the children’s parents.

4) Enlist adult helpers, when needed, who are approved to work with children. (Must have passed the criminal background check)

5) Help children connect with their church, family and community by providing opportunities for interaction so that children and church family will both feel a bond of caring.

6) Give a report at the quarterly business meetings.

7) Serve on the Church Council and the Children & Youth Council.



Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, promote the Christian growth and involvement of the congregation in the area of missions.


1. Plan, organize and facilitate the development of the missions program of the church.

2. Obtain and study publications and other written materials relating to mission studies, mission training and educational opportunities for both home and foreign mission activities.

3. Inform the pastor and congregation of possible ministry activities appropriate for our church, as well as provide information regarding ongoing mission programs and educational opportunities.

4. Meet with the Church Council to recommend specific mission endeavors and to solicit approval for formal presentation to the church.

5. Aid in organizing and presenting mission study programs.

6. Encourage the establishment of age appropriate mission study groups and support all mission study endeavors.

7. Aid in recruiting volunteers for mission trips or ministries.

8. Promote associational, state and foreign mission offerings and assume responsibility for encouraging congregational participation by mission related announcements.

9. Chairperson shall be a member of the worship committee.


Key Attributes – Everything else can be taught, but the attributes listed below are essential:

  1. Loves the Lord and can express his/her faith well.
  2. Loves the church.
  3. Loves to be with and to relate to students and their families.
  4. Understands and models team ministry.
  5. Is willing to receive coaching, outside training, and on-the-job training.
  6. Faith is founded in a theology of the cross (grace-oriented) and lives a faith-filled and faithful life in response to God’s grace. In other words, this person models the Gospel.
  7. Supports our church’s covenant/theology (1963 Baptist Faith and Message).
  8. Is a director and not just a doer.

Position Justification – The Bible regularly mentions caring for students and providing them with a solid biblical foundation. This position will seek to help parents fulfill this responsibility. Due to the numbers of students and families currently (and anticipated) in our community, a staff position is warranted that focuses solely on this need.

Accountability – The Director of Student and Family Ministries (DSFM) is directly accountable to the Pastor, the Pastor’s designee, or in the absence of a pastor, the Personnel Committee. He/She shall be a team player and will work in cooperation with other staff and church leaders. There will be a six month evaluation after the position is filled and then the position will be evaluated annually or as specified in the personnel policies.

Vision – The DSFM recruits, trains and develops leaders and ministry teams that will intentionally help produce committed disciples of Christ and provides general spiritual and emotional care for the students and families participating in this ministry. The goal is to equip parents, mentors, and other adults as well as youth with leadership skills to do the ministry. The job is to build on God’s vision, equip families for their ministries, direct the ministries, and support the doers of ministry. He/She selects/approves age-relevant materials and techniques/methods to communicate biblical truth to students. The position requires someone who has a solid understanding of student needs and how to meet them. The DSFM will develop strong, spiritual disciplines (i.e. personal prayer, devotional life, daily reading of Scripture, faithful and regular attendance at worship, and develop a prayer support team).

Scope – The DSFM is a part-time position that has responsibility for the oversight of student and family ministries and outreach (grades 6-12). The target for weekly time commitment is 15 hours. During some intense events (summer trips, lock-ins, etc.) more time will be required.

Responsibilities – The DSFM has the following responsibilities:

  1. Cast Vision – Promote a church-wide vision of reaching and discipling families toward Christlikeness; accountable to the vision of what God is doing in and through the congregation. All the ministries in student and family ministry must connect to the vision of the congregation.
  2. Implement Strategy – Promote a strategy that encourages families to worship God, learn and obey His Word, participate in a caring community, win others to Christ, and serve within the body. The DSFM collaborates with church staff and other ministry areas of the church, as appropriate, to coordinate activities with those of the wider church and to help achieve the church’s mission.
  3. Leads the Student Ministries – Responsible to provide direction, spiritual oversight, vision, strategic development, and coaching for leaders; works with the other student ministry volunteers in the development of a unified strategic plan that includes the following key areas: clearly defined values, mission statement, leadership development, evangelism, disciple-making, mission action, worship, systematic Bible teaching, personal accountability, and evaluation.
  4. Teach – Provide solid teaching of both biblical theology and social issues that directly relate to students and their families. Assist parents in the development of biblical parenting skills so that young families are being formed spiritually. Not to be the lead Sunday School teacher but have access to the Sunday School classes, may teach Sunday School classes as assigned or as needed.
  5. Shepherd – Maintain regular contact with students (youth in particular) as may be required. Provide spiritual guidance to students and families—being available on a limited basis to counsel, disciple, pray, or intervene during crisis. Serve as a resource for individual youth for the development of their own faith journey and assist in coping with the challenges of daily life.
  6. Recruit, train, and develop adult leaders – Prepare leaders who have a passion for shepherding and discipling students. Oversee the process for leadership selection and training, maintaining a high standard of excellence in those chosen for student leadership. This includes seeing that background checks are done when required.
  7. Activities – Plan regular activities for families and students (bike trips, overnight camping, float trips, hikes, father-son events, etc.) for the purpose of relationship building and spiritual enrichment. This may be limited due to the part-time nature of the position. Target one youth activity each month.
  8. Cooperation – Promote the general well being of all the ministries related to the families in the church working cooperatively and collaboratively with the leaders in other ministries.
  9. Outreach – Seek to make positive contacts with parents/grandparents of children and youth not attending the church, building bridges for the gospel and extending an invitation to them.
  10. Events – Design and implement outreach, equipping, and education events that serve the community and draw both believing and unbelieving families into closer relationship with Christ and the church (mission and service projects, special seminars, movie nights, training events, etc.). This may be limited due to the part-time nature of the position. Target one week-long mission or service project for the youth in the summer and one short-term project during school months.
  11. Represent – Advocates student issues to the congregation with the objective of making student ministries more visible to and involved with the congregation. Serves as a liaison with staff and church leaders to ensure that students are integrated into all church ministries as much as possible.
  12. Budgeting – Oversees the development and implementation of the student ministry budget in concert with the Stewardship Committee.
  13. Model – Provides “hands-on” ministry modeling for adult leaders.
  14. Music – Oversees the development of student music opportunities (worship, choirs, etc.) in concert with the Music Director.
  15. Staff Responsibilities – Participates as a member of the ministry staff. Performs other responsibilities as assigned by the pastor.

Physical requirements Ability to significantly interact with students, lead training, organize curricula, and prepare meeting areas.

Educational and Experience Requirements/Skills – High school or above (college or higher helpful or commensurate experience), strong communications skills, knowledge of the Bible, patience with students and adults. Previous ministry experience is preferred, but not necessary.

Compensation – As established by the Stewardship Committee.


1. Encourage Bible study and spiritual growth among the membership.

2. Enlist teachers for Sunday School classes. Verify that all teachers for children’s classes have passed the criminal background check.

3. Order and distribute Sunday School literature in conjunction with Director of Children’s Ministry.

4. Notify church clerk when record keeping supplies used by general Sunday School officers need to be ordered.

5. Encourage teacher/worker training, both in the church and on association/conference levels.

6. Prepare and present a quarterly report of enrollment and attendance for the quarterly business meetings .

7. Hold periodic Sunday School teacher/worker meetings.

8. Room check Sunday School classes each Sunday morning to see that teachers are in attendance.  Encourage teachers to be in their classrooms at least 15 minutes ahead of time to greet pupils.

9. Serve on the Stewardship Committee, the Church Council and the Children & Youth Council.


1. Enlist workers for nursery. All adult workers must have passed the criminal background check.

(a) Two persons should be scheduled and remain in the nursery at all times.

(b) Youth under thirteen years of age are not eligible to work in the nursery;

and those 13-18 are required to be trained by the adult nursery volunteers.

Youth are to be responsible for being present on their assigned week. No cell phones, games, or electronics are allowed during their time of service in the nursery.

(c) At least one adult twenty-one years or older shall be scheduled at all times.

2. Post yearly schedules for Sunday School and worship services at the beginning of each church year.

3. Actively promote the fact of available nursery care during worship services and encourage parents to utilize this service.

4. Hold meetings to train workers before beginning of the church year in September.

5. Be responsible for replenishing nursery supplies: diapers, baby pads, wipes, linens, etc.

6. Remind workers that when infants occupy beds, the beds should be cleaned after each use, including washing the linens.

7. Supervise weekly cleaning/sterilizing of all equipment (toys, etc.) used by infants, according to adopted procedure. Post copy of the cleaning procedure in the nursery and toddler classrooms.

8. Serve on the Church Council.

Duties of VBS Director

Qualifications: A follower of Jesus Christ who loves children, possesses good organizational and leadership skills, and works well with others.


  1. In consultation with the Pastor, pick age-appropriate VBS curriculum to use for study.
  2. Make sure that study material publisher is on the approved curriculum list, or get material approved before ordering.
  3. Order materials early enough so that they are available well before time for use.
  4. Set a date for the school.
  5. Recruit teachers & workers and delegate responsibilities for registration, study, worship, recreation, crafts, decorating, food, etc. Work out a plan for drop-off and pick-up of children so that all are accounted for and returned to their proper guardians after each session.
  6. Verify that all adult teachers & workers have passed the State Police Criminal Background check.
  7. Work with Publicity Committee to provide information so that the event is adequately publicized.
  8. Be present for each session of the school.
  9. See that different groups & activities are coordinated so that the school runs smoothly.
  10. Be responsible for, or appoint someone to be responsible for, opening exercises.

Submit a budget request to the Stewardship Committee by October 1 of each year

Baptist Men Director

Qualifications: A follower of Jesus Christ who will provide spiritual leadership, by word and example, to the men of the church and who will encourage all men of the church to join in this group of Christian service and fellowship.


  1. To coordinate rides for elderly, sick or disabled for doctor’s appointments, bank business, grocery shopping, etc.
  2. To coordinate efforts to provide services (i.e. lawn mowing, wood cutting, minor home repairs) for the elderly, sick or disabled.
  3. To coordinate rides for the elderly or disabled to worship services at our church.
  4. To plan and solicit participants for a men’s worship service once a year.
  5. To coordinate the preparation of meals for men’s breakfasts.
  6. To notify Publicity Committee and church secretary of any events that need to be advertised so that men are constantly aware of opportunities for service and fellowship





The cost for single grave plots purchased by or for a member of Bybee’s Road Baptist Church is $500.00. The cost for single grave plots purchased by a non-member of Bybee’s Road Baptist Church is $2,000.00. A burial fee , equal to the cost of a flat gravestone at that time, will be collected before the grave is opened.

This fee will be refunded, upon written request, if a permanent headstone has been placed within the twelve (12) month time period after interment. At that time, if no permanent headstone has been placed, this fee will cover the cost of a 6-inch wide by 12-inch length by 4-inch deep (6”W x 12”L x 4”D) stone marker to be placed after six (6) months if no permanent headstone has been placed. (The stone marker will show name, date of birth and date of death.)

A grave site consists of an area four feet wide by twelve feet long (4’W x 12’L).

A section consists of twelve feet in length and twenty four feet in width (12’L x 24’W) and will be charged at a cost of six (6) times the individual gravesites. This should accommodate six (6) gravesites. However, should the individual graves within the section be too widely spaced, the cemetery is not obligated to provide additional space.

Single graves will not be sold in full vacant sections. Utilize single graves remaining in sections that already have 4 to 5 graves. The back side of the cemetery is reserved for single graves.

If the purchaser of either a grave or a section wishes to transfer burial privileges to another person, the purchaser must notify the cemetery caretaker in writing.

No permanent landscape alterations may be made to any grave. (This includes , but is not limited to, the placement of plants, shrubs, trees, glass, etc…). Other than the metal markers placed by the undertakers at time of burial, no metal grave markers/stakes are permitted. The cemetery committee reserves the right to remove any décor which it deems distracting from the road or inconsistent with the appearance and dignity of the surrounding sites. Flowers and wreaths are permitted. The cemetery committee reserves the right to remove dead flowers, vases, rusted racks, and standards. The use of iron flower racks is not recommended as this discolors the stone finish.

No pets may be buried in the cemetery.

A maximum of two (2) cremation urns is allowed per grave. If a second marker is needed for a grave containing two urns, the second marker must be a flat stone placed at the foot of the grave.

Vaults and/or metal caskets are required, except for cremation containers. Above ground vaults no larger than 42”W x 96”L x 36”H are permitted. Headstones , monuments, etc. larger than

80”H x 72”W shall not be placed without written approval of the cemetery committee. Design of headstones, monuments, etc, shall show respect for surrounding plots and blend with the existing headstones and monuments. Any headstone, monument, etc. deemed to be inappropriate by design or working by the cemetery committee shall be removed from the premises at the expense of the plot owner/family.

Headstones will be checked on a yearly basis for unusual deterioration or damage, and the cemetery committee will attempt to notify the grave owner/family and encourage them to correct the problem.

No personal vehicles are allowed inside the cemetery without permission from the caretaker.

A copy of this cemetery policy and a written receipt showing the date, the amount received, and the section, grid, row and grave number shall be given to each purchaser at the time of purchase. Purchase of a plot and/or interment in a plot of this cemetery constitute acceptance of and agreement to abide by this policy.

Approved 1/17/01

Updated 4/20/16

Updated 7/27/16

Updated 10/18/2017


With the growing diversity of the church and community, Bybee’s Road Baptist Church will maintain its historical biblical understanding of doctrinal issues and its alignment with generally held Baptist beliefs by a careful review of the materials used in the church.

The following publishers/resources may be used without review to provide curricula and other teaching materials used in a church-sponsored class, seminar, or event:

David C. Cook Baptist Way Press

Focus on the Family Publishing Smith and Helwys

Gospel Light Standard

Group Publishing Willow Creek

Lifeway Acacia Resources

Baptist Today Navigator Press

Passport Media Concordia

Saddleback John Knox Press

Spark House


Beth Moore series Kay Arthur

First Place Max Lucado

In Touch Ministries Turning Point Ministries

The list of publishers may be edited (names added/removed) by the agreement of a majority vote of the Deacon Fellowship or by approval of the church in business session (majority vote).

The Constitution/History Committee shall be notified of all changes to the publishers/resources list so that these changes can be listed on the curriculum review policy in Appendix C of the Constitution/By-Laws. For other materials, including non-published material composed or edited by an individual or group, a lesson plan and/or outline should be submitted to the Deacon Fellowship for approval.

Publishers/material to be approved should be submitted at least six weeks prior to the date to be used to give time for review. Leaders and teachers are to consult with Department/Area directors prior to submitting material for review. Alternatively, curricula may be approved by the church in business session (majority vote). Doctrinal issues shall be resolved using the 1963 Baptist Faith & Message of the Southern Baptist Convention. Where this is not adequate, the Pastor and the Deacon Fellowship will make the decision or they will submit the issue(s) to the church in business session.

Approved 01/02/09

Revised 7/17/13


Mike Critzer, Chairperson of the Stewardship Committee presented a recommendation from the committee that the Stewardship Committee be allowed to approve requests for fund raising. This was recommended because of the time it takes to set up a called business meeting. The recommendation

was approved.

(Approved at Quarterly business meeting 10/17/2007)



(Revised 4/18/18)


We, the members of Bybee’s Road Baptist Church, gratefully recognize the buildings and facilities of Bybee’s Road Church as belonging to God and entrusted to us for use in bringing honor to God. We honor God when we use these facilities most effectively to grow and to help all others available to grow in the grace and in the knowledge of the Lordship of Jesus Christ in every area of our lives. We feel responsible to maintain and enlarge, to preserve and improve these facilities for more effective and unhindered worship and ministry opportunities.

To insure responsible, Christ-honoring use of these facilities we gladly commit ourselves to the following guidelines:

  1. We will take a personal concern for the best maintenance of every part of the facilities: taking care to see that the facilities are always kept clean, neat, and free from dishonoring debris, e.g., pick up paper scraps, turn off lights, close all interior and exterior doors and windows, flush commodes, turn heat down, etc.
  2. We will have a responsible adult church member (age 18 years and up) present at every non-member function or activity conducted on the grounds or facilities. A fee of $50., which is a part of the total fee listed in guideline 10, is to be paid to this person.
  3. We will give priority use for regular worship, the ministry of teaching of and training in the Biblical revelation, and the development and enlargement of Christian music, Christian missions, and Christian fellowship.
  4. Food and drinks are not to be taken into the sanctuary, with the exception of parents with young babies and the observance of the Lord’s Supper.
  5. Church organizations will have priority use of facilities as approved in the church calendar.
  6. All users of church facilities other than the regular calendared events will be responsible for restoring the facility to its original condition in ample time before the next scheduled church activity.
  7. Permission to use facilities for other than calendared activities shall be granted on a first come-first serve basis with church member use given priority over non-member use, providing the use is germane to the general purpose of the facility. No planned activities are to be scheduled the week prior to or during Homecoming and Revival or the week of Vacation Bible School.
  8. A register shall be maintained at the church building of uncalendared use of the facilities. The Stewardship Committee will authorize permission for use. The committee will insure that responsible member supervision will be secured for all functions, including preparations, practices, rehearsals, etc.
  9. The following activities are considered out of order in the facilities or on the grounds of the church: smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages, gambling, and loud sounds that might be offensive to the neighborhood. No furniture is to be used away from church property.
  10. Non-member and inactive member use activities require a $200. fee. (The minister may also require an additional fee for his or her services.) This $200.must accompany by a completed registration form and be received by the church no later than 30 days prior to the event being scheduled. There is no charge for active member use. Active/Inactive membership shall be determined by the Membership lists kept by the Clerk which are governed by the provisions of Article 1 Membership of the By-Laws of this church. All users are expected to see that proper provision is made for protecting carpets from candle wax by providing and placing plastic sheeting under an6y candelabras used. Users are responsible for removing any and all debris after the ceremony. In the event the required fee should not cover restoring the facility to its original condition any additional fees required shall be paid by the user at the time of inspection by the designated member of the Stewardship Committee.
  11. Responsibility for the removal of floral decorations and debris after church funerals will borne by members of Bybee’s Road Baptist Church for the family in their time of grief. Funeral directors will be held responsible for the restoration of any damage inflicted on cemetery facilities due to their use.

Reservation Request for Use of Facilities

Of Bybee’s Road Baptist Church

(Please print or type; complete this side only)

Date of Application__________________________________________

Date(s) requested for use of facilities ______________________________________________________

Proposed time(s) of use (beginning and ending)______________________________________________

Applicant & Primary responsible party:_____________________________________________________


Telephone (Home) _____________________Work___________________Cell_________________

Member of Bybee’s Road Baptist Church? ______Yes _____No

Facilities requested for use (Check all those that apply)

_______Sanctuary ______Fellowship Hall _______Kitchen

_______Dressing Rooms ______Picnic Shelter

Purpose of use (Check all that apply)

______Wedding ______Reception _______Anniversary

______Rehearsal ______Other practice _______Social Event

______Other (____________________________________________________________)

Non-member/inactive member rental fee ($200.) must accompany this form and be received by the church no later than 30 days prior to the requested date of use. (Make checks payable to Bybee’s Road Baptist Church.)

Agreement of Applicant: “If approval is granted, I will be responsible for seeing that the church’s Guidelines For Use will be fulfilled in this use.”

_____________________________________________(Applicant signature)

(This side to be completed by the Church)

________________Fee received _______________________Date received

Committee decision:

_________________Application Approved

_________________Application delayed for further information/consideration

_________________Application denied

Authorized Committee member (signature)_______________________________________________

Adult Member to be present during requested function

_______________________________________________________________________(Name & Phone)

Facilities checked for restoration:

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